This page provides information for university students to consider assisting secondary school students of low income families to improve their English and STEM subjects.

Tutoring Programme

We have set up a free online tutoring programme for Secondary 1 to 6 students who want to improve their English and STEM subjects but cannot afford paid tutoring classes or private tutoring.  Tablet or touchscreen PCs and meeting / whiteboard apps will be used for online interaction between tutors and students on a one-to-one or group basis depending on the nature of the subject concerned and tutor/student preferences.

Tutoring Venue and Time

As tutoring will be conducted online, tutor and student can separately choose their own venues to suit themselves.  They can agree on a tutoring time convenient to both parties.  The tutoring time should usually be after 4:00pm on weekdays and will be more flexible at weekends.

Tutor’s Duties

Tutors are required to arrange at least one session per week, each of about an hour, for each student to help resolve problems encountered in study / homework or consolidate relevant knowledge / concepts.  Tutors may need to identify students’ problems by perusing their homework, classwork, etc. if students are unable to express their problems clearly.

As our programme lasts for a full school year, a tutor shall commit an initial period of 6 weeks and then deide whether to continue for the remaining period of the programme.

Student’s Equipment

Students have to use tablet / touchscreen PCs or iPads with Google Workspace apps for interaction with their tutors.   Tablet PCs and stylus pens will be on loan to students if they got no access to such equipment.

Tutor’s Equipment

Tutors also have to use tablet / touchscreen PCs or iPads and stylus pens for interaction with their students.  All required Google Workspace apps are free for use.  A Google Workspace account will be provided to each tutor to allow use of the apps with minimal restrictions.

For university students who join us as online tutors but do not have the required equipment, they can borrow from us subject to availability.

Reference Materials Available to Tutors

Relevant textbook materials will be provided to tutors for reference as far as possible.

Recognition of Tutor’s Effort

A certificate will be issued to each tutor on a yearly basis indicating the number of tutoring sessions conducted in the period concerned.

Tutor’s DSE Level Attained

University students who join us as online tutors should attain Level 4 or above in the concerned DSE subject or equivalent level in other recognized examinations.

Other Information

If you are interested in joining us as a tutor but have some queries in mind, please go to our Q&A page to see if you can find the answers.  Otherwise, you can write us your queries or simply leave us a contact phone number by e-mailing to  We shall respond to you by e-mail or by phone as soon as possible.

We expect communications / interactions between a tutor and a student through our designated channels to be for guiding the student to advance in English and STEM subjects.  Communications / interactions for other purposes (e.g. dating, marketing …) are all prohibited. 

Courtesy and respect are expected to be maintained in all interactions between a tutor and a student.  Punctuality in attending scheduled tutoring sessions and completion of relevant assignments and preparation work are all expected from tutors and students.  

Any violation of the aforesaid might lead to removal of registration and termination of service.

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before proceeding to register.

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