Notes to Tutor / Mentor

We expect tutors / mentors to be very knowledgeable of the subjects that the students / mentees require help, and be proficient in providing guidance to the students / mentees.  Understanding the gap between where the students / mentees are and where they should be, the challenges they are facing and the best path for the students / mentees to move forward should all be comprehended by the tutors / mentors.  

We expect communications / interactions between a tutor / mentor and a student / mentee through our designated channels to be for guiding the student / mentee to advance in STEM. Communications / interactions for other purposes (e.g. dating, marketing …) are all prohibited.  

Courtesy and respect are expected to be maintained in all interactions between a tutor / mentor and a student / mentee.  Punctuality in attending scheduled tutoring / mentoring sessions and completion of relevant assignments and preparation work are all expected from tutors / mentors and students / mentees.  

Any violation of the aforesaid might lead to removal of registration and termination of service.

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before proceeding to register.

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