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Article Contribution

If you are interested in contributing any article for sharing in this website, please email it to sharing@learnerthon.org for our follow-up.  The level and depth of knowledge involved in each article can vary according to the reader group targeted.  The general principle is that articles posted should be suitable for sharing among mentors, tutors, mentees and/or students; or as extra-curricular reading for students to invoke their interests in STEM.

Your article should be:

  1. In “Microsoft Word” format together with a file in “PDF” format; and
  2. Any graphics or images in the article should also be sent to us in their original file format or included in a “Microsoft PowerPoint” file.

Your article would be converted to HTML format for posting in this website so that it can be read with ease no matter using PC, tablet or smartphone.  We would review your article, do some editing as necessary and seek your consent for any changes made before posting in your name.

In case you need any assistance in producing pictograms or images for illustration in your article, please inform us in your email.  We would make all possible effort to assist.  Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Audio Sharing

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