Our Goal

To offer an online platform where students and young practitioners can effectively get tutoring / mentoring from experienced professionals who are willing to volunteer their time and knowledge.

Service Provided

Secondary school students will be assisted to improve their STEM related (including language) subjects, starting initially from math, through online tutoring.  We are collaborating with schools and non-government organizations to provide free one-to-one online tutoring to students.  This is a measured step in the beginning to identify students who cannot afford to obtain such assistance from other sources.  We anticipate to open in future the service to direct online application from students in need.

We use online meeting, whiteboard and other apps for interactive tutoring.  Both tutors and students have to employ tablet or touchscreen PCs for the purpose.  Training will be provided to both the tutors and students to ensure they have mastered the relevant skills before commencement of tutoring.

If you are interested in joining us as a tutor but have some queries in mind, please go to our Q&A page to see if you can find the answers.  Otherwise, you can write us your queries or simply leave us a contact phone number by e-mailing to   We shall respond to you by e-mail or by phone as soon as possible.  If you prefer registering with us first, please click here directly or the button at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, we are recruiting volunteers to provide guidance to young practitioners of STEM related pursuits in communication and problem solving skills in the near future.  Building services engineering is the first area we are working on.

Mentee Pre-registration

If you would like to receive mentoring service in future, please click the button below to pre-register. 

Tutor/Mentor Registration

For those who intend to serve as tutor and/or mentor, please click the button below to register.

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