Code of Practice for Volunteer Tutors

  1. Tutors shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner compatible with their role when carrying out their duty as a tutor of LearnerThon.
  2. Tutors shall make use of their Google Workspace accounts at to conduct all tutoring activities for all tutees assigned by LearnerThon, supplemented by phone chats and WhatsApp exchanges whenever necessary. Other means of tutoring or communication, such as face-to-face contact, are not allowed without the prior approval or arrangement by the programme coordinator of LearnerThon.
  3. Tutors shall be committed at all times to acting in the best interests of tutees.
  4. Tutors shall understand that their relationship to tutees is educational and not personal and that tutors have a duty of care towards them. Tutors shall not establish any inappropriate relationship with tutees.
  5. Tutors shall establish a safe learning environment where tutees feel comfortable to ask questions and admit weaknesses.
  6. Tutors shall demonstrate faith in tutees’ learning ability and provide honest, positive and constructive feedback in a manner that will be beneficial to their overall learning.
  7. Tutors shall understand the need to be flexible in their approach to tutoring according to tutees’ learning styles, and commit to assist tutees in discovering effective learning strategies that will help them develop the skills they need to achieve the right educational outcomes.
  8. Tutors shall not engage in any form of plagiarism, such as completing tutees’ homework assignments for them.
  9. Tutors shall be on time for tutoring appointments, not only out of courtesy, but also to be a good example for tutees to follow.
  10. Tutors shall give their undivided attention to tutees while tutoring online.
  11. Tutors shall show respect for tutees’ cultural background, personal dignity and values without judgment.
  12. Tutors shall not use a tutoring situation to proselytise their personal belief system, religious or political or whatever, or life style.
  13. Tutors shall keep information about tutees confidential, unless doing so would be to result in injury or harm being done to tutees.
  14. Tutors shall observe and comply with local laws for the protection of intellectual property rights when they copy or extract teaching materials from copyright works for use in their tutoring sessions.
  15. Tutors shall share with the programme coordinator of LearnerThon any concerns tutors have about any social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which tutees are experiencing that are beyond tutors’ competency to address.
  16. Tutors shall refer back to the programme coordinator of LearnerThon in respect of any tutee they consider to have special educational needs that are beyond tutors’ personal experience or ability to resolve, in order that steps may be taken to securing for the tutee the right kind of specialist help.
  17. Tutors shall not make use of their Google Workspace accounts at to conduct any paid tutoring or commercial activities, and shall abide by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy when using their LearnerThon accounts.
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