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Floating Neutral

Floating Neutral in Building with 3-phase Power Supply and 1-phase Loads    By TK NG               3-phase supply is usually provided in a building where power demand is high.  There may be both 1-phase and 3-phase loads connected to the power supply.  Figure 1 below shows a typical connection arrangement. 

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Oil Free Chiller

Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chiller – Energy Advantage    By TK NG               Oil free magnetic bearing chiller (oil free chiller in short) is a highly energy efficient piece of air conditioning equipment, which is characterized by a partial load COP (Coefficient of Performance) higher than that at full load.

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Water Hammer

Water Hammer not due to Closing of Valve    By TK NG               Water hammer is experienced when water in motion is forced to stop abruptly, such as closing of a valve at the end of a pipeline.  However, there are cases where the cause of water hammer is due

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