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  • Fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required for processing of your registration.
  • Please provide as much information as you feel comfortable to help us process your request for online tutoring service.
  • Our free online tutoring service is for students who cannot afford to obtain assistance from other sources.  Your guardian will be required to make a relevant declaration if we accept your request for further processing and before we proceed to provide such service to you.
  • Free online tutoring service will be provided initially for a period of six weeks if a student is admitted to the programme. Further provision of the service is subject to the student’s performance in the initial period and the concerned tutor’s recommendation.
  • Regarding the use of personal data collected, please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.
  • An email would be sent to you for acknowledging your registration after you have successfully submitted this form.
  • We shall contact you again through email later, informing whether your request for free online tutoring service is accepted for processing and any further action to be taken.
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